Editorial Services including Resumes and Web Content for Scientists, High-Tech Professionals, and C-Level Executives

Writing Wolf LLC

Through my Writing Wolf DBA, I served hundreds of clients including scientists, expert technologists, and C-level high-tech executives with their website copy, brochures, resumes, business correspondence, professional profiles, and executive bios.

I consulted with each client in an in-depth information discovery process involving a questionnaire, document gathering, and interview. I analyzed strategic career marketing decisions and created a new set of documents using best practices in the industry. My goal was accuracy approaching 100%, totally error-free content.

Throughout the project life cycle, I played an integral role in ensuring the technical accuracy of complex content involving scientific, engineering, computer software- and hardware-related material for a variety of media.

Writing Wolf’s clients often achieved positive business and employment outcomes, frequently reporting successful career transitions and achieving other professional goals.