Writing a Policy and Procedures Manual for a Corporate Treasury Department

Microsoft – Treasury Group

The Assistant Treasurer at the Microsoft Treasury sought to increase the policies and procedures in the Portfolio Management Group to management and internal auditors. The scope of the work increased dramatically when the Treasurer got involved, and I was hired as a contract technical writer to create a manual for the entire Treasury, a high-performance group with dozens of employees.

The first step in writing the P&P manual was in settling on a content structure and publishing tool. Once a system for recording the work processes was established, I interviewed each member of the Treasury and recorded a pretty comprehensive set of instructions that another party would need to reproduce the work process.

I chose to use RoboHelp for the project so that I could take advantage of easy single-sourcing. In the end, I was able to create a manual that could be read online by any member of the team as well as read in a three-ring binder.

When the project was complete, the Treasurer joked, “Now you know more about how the Treasury functions than I do!”

That special knowledge didn’t last long. Soon the procedures manual was published for everyone in the group to access, giving management a new training tool and employees a way to see how the group functioned as a whole.