Technical Editing for Case Studies, Articles, and Blog Content for Software Development Firm

Konstankino LLC

The folks at Konstankino, a software engineer consultancy, wanted to tap the marketing potential of their weblog, but they lacked the time and energy to write perfectly composed web content. How would they let potential customers know of the depth of their technical expertise without polished case studies and educational articles?

I served as a technical editor for over a dozen articles, case studies, and blog posts for use with the company’s client communications. Having recently completed my certification as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, I was eager to dive into articles on topics such as AWS Cloud Formation templates for VPCs. My aim was to correct errors in grammar, spelling, and style, plus give feedback on technical accuracy to improve readability and cohesion.

I also edited articles related to RabbitMQ for IPC implementation, Python development tools, security inside Docker containers, CRM integrations, testing Lambda functions, and many other topics.

Finally, I assisted the CEO with marketing collateral and a sales proposal to make his life a bit easier.

The new articles and case studies dramatically expanded the company’s communications portfolio, helping them with the aim of winning new clients. Thanks to my work, the rough edges were polished off so nothing would distract the reader from my client’s technical brilliance.