Updated a Disaster Recovery Manual for Casey Family Services

Casey Family Programs

A national operating foundation focused on foster care and child welfare needed to ensure the continuity of its operation in the case of a major disaster. The organization had a disaster recovery plan for referencing in the event of a major disruption to IT workflows.

The plan was out-of-date, and I was brought in to update the manual and ensure that it could continue to meet the foundation’s recovery goals.

In updating the disaster recovery manual, I started with gaining an understanding of the organization’s IT resources including all of the computers on the network and the data they stored. Knowing what resources were considered “mission critical” and which weren’t was key.

All the foundation’s backup procedures needed to be checked for accuracy, and–if possible–streamlining and simplifying.

I recorded the role of every employee in the organization who had a role to play in the disaster recovery plan, and I interviewed them to obtain important data.

The organization added to their operational security by making it more resilient against disasters of all kinds.