Content Creation, WordPress Site Design, Grant Writing, and Editing for a Nonprofit Organization

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

The largest organization serving the Aboriginal people in Canada who are affected by HIV/AIDS could no longer continue using their old website. Although there were beautiful design elements, the site lacked essential functionality such as multilingual support for French and English. Most importantly, the site lacked a content management system capable of allowing them to disseminate their newsletters, research, and National Indigenous Toolkits.

As well, CAAN staff were overwhelmed and asked for my assistance with the writing of grant applications, newsletter editing, and content creation for their website.

I started by analyzing the organization’s needs and decided to create a new site in the WordPress publishing platform. The team was impressed by the low cost and the ease of use for managing large quantities of documents distributed in both English and French.

Next, I created a new navigation system for handling the large quantity of information. And then I rolled up my sleeves and started a painstaking document conversion process involving hundreds of HTML, PDF, and graphic files. Each document passed a quality assurance test to ensure that it converted properly.

Finally, I tackled the overflow work in the Communications team: writing effective grant applications, editing documents, and creating web content.

The organization’s new website had evolved as CAAN had evolved. It was spacious and well-structured enough to present a wide array of documents for diverse audiences where they could make a difference in advancing the health of aboriginal Canadians.