Web Content Creation, WordPress Design, Writing, and Editing for a Nonprofit Organization


The Executive Director of an international think-tank, an Oxford University scholar of some renown, wanted to expand their audience and create more information resources for their organization’s members. Their two existing websites were sparse in content and featured a dated, impractical design that practically screamed “update me!”

What’s more, the ED had a major new book launch coming soon, and he envisioned that it would require a sizable portal containing hundreds of items of written and multimedia content.

The project began with conversations about how to prioritize a seemingly endless list of possible work. When we finally got on the same page, I proceeded to upgrade two WordPress websites with new designs and navigation, and I assumed responsibility for writing a monthly newsletter. The big task was assisting in the copyediting of hundreds of pages of existing content while adding new blog posts and managing a handful of social media accounts.

At last, the organization’s public communications were established with sure footing. But the work of supporting the Executive Director’s book launch was right around the corner. The site required several dozen original pages of content combined with multimedia features.

The scholar’s book got rave reviews and earned a major award at year-end. His book’s website contributed to book sales and helped him to establish a new chapter in his personal brand.

At the same time, ARINA’s think-tank produced substantial new publications, established new relationships with scholars, secured new funding and volunteers, and gained thousands of social media followers. I think my contributions to the group’s communications platform aided in ARINA’s success.