Joseph Perez

About me

I love figuring out how complex ideas, systems, and tools work so that I can make learning them easier for other people. I enjoy making developers’ lives easier, adding to end-user happiness, and helping my clients to better meet their goals through the power of words.

I’m also an Honors graduate of Harvard University (go Crimson!!!). And when I’m not writing for clients, I’m often not far from my laptop, reading and writing sci-fi, fantasy, philosophy, and other geeky pursuits.

How my process works

Here’s how a typical process works at Integral Docs:

1. Initial consultation

I get to understand your specific needs and ascertain whether there is a fit for my services.

2. Scoping

I learn about your product and your business objectives to prepare a detailed outline of our writing goals.

3. Authoring

I begin creating the technical documents and check in with you regularly to inspect drafts and provide feedback.

4. Delivery

I provide you with the final deliverables and make any last tweaks to ensure that you’re completely satisfied.


Writing and editing technical documents, of course. What else?

Favorite Authoring Tools

Microsoft Office, G-Suite, and Adobe Technical Communication Suite (FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate, Acrobat).

How I Like to Code

In Visual Studio Code using Markdown, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and Python. I am currently teaching myself ReactJS and Express.

Fun with Managing Documents

A variety of source control systems (including Git and Github) and publishing platforms like WordPress and SharePoint.


Making integrated document sets offering multiple output formats from a single source of content.

Available for work?